02 ENEA Group

Business model

We are the second-largest player on the Polish power market. We supply a comprehensive range of energy products and services to over 2.5 million individual and institutional customers across Poland. Therefore, we play an important role in Poland’s energy security and development of the Polish economy.

We operate on the basis of a system of specialized companies, independent within the meaning of civil law. Owing to their coordinated cooperation, we operate in four main areas:


  • Production of bituminous coal
  • Sales of bituminous coal
  • Securing the Group’s raw material base


  • Electricity generation based on bituminous coal, biomass, gas, wind, water and biogas
  • Heat generation
  • Heat transmission and distribution
  • Electricity trading


  • Electricity supply
  • Planning and ensuring extension of the distribution network including new customer connections
  • Operation, maintenance and repairs of the distribution grid
  • Management of metering data

Distribution of electricity

Distribution of heat


Retail trading:

  • Retail trading in electricity and gaseous fuel
  • Product and service offer adjusted to customers’ needs
  • Comprehensive customer service

Wholesale trading:

  • Optimization of wholesale contracts portfolio for electricity and gaseous fuel
  • Operations on product markets
  • Ensuring access to wholesale markets

Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” S.A. is one of the leading producers of bituminous coal on the Polish market, which also satisfies some of the demand for raw materials of the Group companies operating in the Generation Area.

Energy is produced in power plants in Kozienice and Połaniec, combined heat and power plants in Białystok and Piła, wind farms located in Bardy, Darżyno and Baczyna, 21 hydro power plants and biogas plants located in Gorzesław and Liszków.

Electricity distribution over the distribution grid is handled by ENEA Operator based on a concession granted by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

Retail sales of electricity are carried out through Account Managers and trade partners throughout Poland and in 32 moderns Customer Service Offices.

ENEA Group in numbers (2019)


  • 20,8% share in the steam coal market in Poland
  • 445 m tons mining potential in 3 mining concession areas
  • 9.5 m tons net coal production


  • 6,3 GW total installed capacity
  • 443 MW installed RES capacity
  • 25,9 TWh net energy production


  • 2,6 m users of distribution services
  • 118,4 k km of distribution lines, including connections
  • 19,8 TWh of electricity supplied


  • 2,5 m Customers
  • 20,3 TWh sales of electricity and gaseous fuel to retail customers
  • 32 Customer Service Offices


16,4PLN bn

of revenue

3,4PLN bn

of profit (EBITDA)

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