07 Environment impact

Protection of the environment in the ENEA Group’s strategy

Production and supply of electricity and heat in a way that is safe for the environment and compliant with the law is one of the main priorities for us.

We reduce the emission of pollution by, among others, investments in renewable energy sources, we manage raw materials reasonably and take measures for preserving biodiversity. We also make effort to raise ecological awareness in our Employees and local communities

ENEA Group’s care for the natural environment in 2019

PLN 238 million of capital expenditures for environmental protection

Almost 13% increase in energy production from renewable sources year-on-year and 3% decrease in CO2 emissions year-on-year

4.6% increase in electrical energy production from Green Unit year-on-year

Electric mobility development

Update of the strategy

Active protection of nature, especially water birds

Implementation of the Development Strategy of the ENEA Group until 2030 with an outlook to 2035 assumes transformation of the company to a low-emission concern. The implementation of the strategy, including in particular the phasing out of conventional generation units and the development of zero- and low-emission units, will result in measurable environmental benefits.

7,3bn PLN

for low-emission generation units

14,7bn PLN

for production capacities based on renewable energy sources (photovoltaic installations, wind farms, biogas plants, biomass-fired installations)


of electricity from renewable energy sources and gas until 2030


of electricity from renewable energy sources and gas until 2035


reduction of unit CO2 emissions until 2030


reduction of unit CO2 emissions until 2035

Further information on our strategy can be found in the Development directions section.

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