05 Employment in the ENEA Group

Motivation and support

We recruit highly qualified employees, and then we take efforts to increase the motivation to continue their employment and professional development.

This is achieved, among others, by a wide range of benefits, including:

  • right to annual bonus,
  • long-service bonus,
  • an award and a day off on the Power Engineer’s Day,
  • jubilee award,
  • subsidy to costs of electricity consumed in the household,
  • medical care, which can be extended to family members on preferential terms,
  • right to group insurance,
  • attractive pension and similar benefits,
  • right to participate in the Employee Pension Plan,
  • loans, non-refundable or refundable benefits under the Intercompany Employee Benefit and Loan Fund,
  • financing of sanatorium stays,
  • financing of participation in training courses, certification courses and co-financing of university education,
  • co-financing of holidays,
  • co-financing of crèche/kindergarten stays and recreation for children and youth,
  • co-financing of costs of sporting activities,
  • tickets/passes to cinema, theater, museum, and sports events,
  • low-interest loans for housing purposes.

Part-time or fixed time employees have the same rights as the other full time employees. However, the right to some of the benefits depends on the length of service or the value of income. Retired employees also receive selected benefits.

Our employees are given the possibility to work on a flexible basis, to get involved in projects benefiting local communities they propose (for example, in the “Potęga poMocy” (The Power of Help) grant program), and to submit proposals for improvements in their daily work (the ‘Pomysłodajnia’ program), the best of which are implemented. We offer our employees’ children the opportunity to participate in sports and theater classes and contests.

Integration meetings as well as special events are an important element of our organizational culture (e.g. Christmas meetings, farewells to retiring employees, celebrations of anniversaries important for specific companies). They provide an opportunity for the staff members to get to know each better outside the workplace.

Actions to motivate and support the employees in 2019

In 2019 ENEA Ciepło kicked off a training program for the management staff and employee supervisors, which focused among other things on employee motivation and support skills. Motivating communication was also one of the training topics for the management staff at ENEA Serwis and ENEA Centrum. On the other hand, ENEA S.A. launched the Leaders Inspiration Forum, in which leaders exchanged experience in team-building based on mutual trust and respect.

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