07 Environment impact

Environmental education

In 2019 the ENEA Group launched the “ENEA Eco Projects” program, under which it implemented 13 pro-environmental initiatives in cooperation with the State Forests, including nine events targeted at local communities.

Those included, among others, a tree-planting drive for the 40th anniversary of the Połaniec Power Plant, the “Forest on the Island” nature and educational event in Piła, during which tree seedlings were given away in exchange for electro-waste, a workshop on building insect hotels in Zielona Góra, as well as building of educational footpaths, running and recreation routes.

As in the previous years, ENEA Wytwarzanie conducted a broadly planned environmental education in schools, kindergartens, educational centers and in the area of the Kozienice Power Plant. A total of 700 children and teenagers and 170 adults participated in lectures, trips, etc. organized together with the Ornithological Association of the Mazowieckie and Świętokrzyskie Voivoidships. In addition, part of the student apprenticeship program conducted in the power plant was analysis of occurrence of protected species of butterflies and birds.

Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” together with the Landscape Foundation conducted educational activities on ecology and sustainable development.

In 2019, ENEA Połaniec Power Plant, among others, organized 12th edition of an ecological contest aimed to promote knowledge about environmental protection and relevant legal regulations among Employees of the power plant and ENEA Bioenergia.

Topics connected with environmental protection were covered by specialist training courses in a number of Group companies.

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