07 Environment impact

Energy consumption

Our main priority relating to energy efficiency is to reduce electricity losses incurred in the distribution process.

ENEA Operator implements the assumptions of the initiative entitled Implementation of comprehensive actions contributing to the reduction of balance difference, which forms part of the Strategy of the ENEA Group’s Distribution Area and implemented the Balance difference reduction program at ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o. As part of the above projects, in 2019, in selected locations, the company modernized lines, changed diameters and changed the operational configuration of the grid, among others. Due to the above measures, we have significantly reduced energy consumption compared to 2018.

Electricity consumption in the ENEA Group [MWh][1][2]20182019
Total electricity consumption by ENEA Group companies3 288 4842 660 204

[1] The total electricity consumption figure does not include data for some administrative/office buildings used by the companies which make lump-sum payments for energy under contracts with administrators of such buildings and for which there is no detailed data on energy consumption in such buildings. This does not include ENEA Połaniec Serwis, which does not collect environmental data.

[2] The volume stated does not include network needs of ENEA Operator.

Other measures allowing for reducing electricity consumption are described in the Environmentally-friendly Investments section.

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