07 Environment impact

Nature and landscape protection

We take care that the activity conducted by us neither disrupts the working of ecosystems nor impoverishes the diversity of plants and animals or values of the landscape. If needed, we restore the right condition of natural habitats and other components of nature.

We strictly comply with provisions of the Nature Conservation Act and other regulations and administrative decisions imposing on us obligations concerning protection of ecological processes and biodiversity. The activities which follow from the above include:

  • continuous ecological supervision in the area of the Kozienice power plant and in its vicinity making it possible to, among others, protect confirmed sites of protected species of plants, fungi and animals,
  • long-term monitoring of the impact of wind power plants on bird and bat populations,
  • building fish ladders to make free migration of fishes possible.

Some of our plants are located in protected natural areas. The Kozienice Power Plant is adjacent to two Natura 2000 sites, Mid Vistula Valley and Kozienice Sanctuary as well as the Vistula Landscape Park. Many of our 21 hydro power plants are located in protected areas (e.g. Drawa National Park, landscape parks in the valleys of the Gwda, Wda and Brda rivers). In addition, about 5% of mining areas owned by Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” are protected within the Natura 2000 network (special habitat protection area of Uściwierskie Lakes and special birds’ protection area of Polesie). Due to appropriate ways of management, we do not exert an adverse influence on the nature of any of the above areas.

Selected activities and campaigns undertaken by the ENEA Group to protect the natural environment in 2019

ENEA Operator continued various activities aiming to protect the white stork, including reconstruction of nests damaged by storms. Furthermore, the company cooperated with the Directorate General of State Forests within a program of active protection of the osprey (fish hawk), by installing nesting platforms for this endangered species.

Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” cooperated with the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds to implement a peatland ecosystems protection project. It also completed the reinstatement of lands affected by mining damages in the village of Nadrybie Wieś, including planting trees.

Under the “Green Face of Kozienice Power Plant - Stage II” project implemented together with the Ornithological Society of Mazowieckie and Świętokrzyskie Voivodships, ENEA Wytwarzanie installed 100 nesting boxes for birds, created a flower meadow as a food base for pollinating insects, and introduced the amur bitterling, an endangered fish species, into the Zagożdżonka River in the Kozienice Forest.

ENEA Wytwarzanie – RES Segment redeveloped the fish ladder near the Kamienna Hydro Power Plant on the Drawa River within the Drawa National Park in order to increase the availability of the existing ecological corridor. This is important for protecting the local population of Batrachium, a partially protected plant and for restitution of sturgeon.

On the other hand, ENEA Serwis put up nesting boxes for birds in a forest near Gronówka and also continued the winter activity of feeding these animals.

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