05 Employment in the ENEA Group

Communication and participation in decision making

We strive to offer all employees access to full and current information on the actions undertaken and key events happening in their companies, the Group as a whole and in its surroundings. We listen carefully to their opinions, so that we can improve our work environment. We take strategic decisions in consultation with the trade unions.

Channels of communication with employees

Efficient flow of information to employees is ensured in particular by corporate Intranet and Intranet sites of the specific companies, Employee Zone in the ENEA Group’s Intranet, “ENEA News” and “ENEA Flash” newsletters, mailings, bulletin boards, flyers, posters, company radio stations and newspapers (“Echo Elektrowni” in the Połaniec Power Plant, “Bogdanka”, “Information Package of MEC Piła Employees”, “Info Express” in ENEA Operator).

We encourage employees to submit questions about employee matters as well as comments, reservations and ideas. To do this, the following, among others, may be used:

  • email boxes HRnapiszdonas@enea.pl and inicjatywy@enea.pl (Pomysłodajnia),
  • Mam Pomysł (I have an Idea!) platform available in the Group Intranet,
  • meetings and videoconference calls,
  • periodical talks with the supervisors,
  • surveys of opinions about the activity particular units,
  • Employee satisfaction surveys.

Satisfaction surveys before 2018 were performed irregularly and in each company separately. The first which covered most of the Group companies simultaneously was performed in 2018 and included elements of assessment of direct supervisors. Such a survey will be repeated in 2-3 years and the time between the surveys will be devoted to the implementation of improvement measures.

In 2019, anonymous Employee opinion surveys were conducted in MEC Piła Sp. z o.o. (including on the topic of working conditions and organization and cooperation with supervisors). As communication turned out to be one of the areas assessed as weaker, the company created a new channel to inform the staff on important events (“Information Package for MEC Piła employees”).

Social dialogue

The management boards of ENEA Group companies are engaged in continuous dialog with trade unions. In 2019, a social contract was signed, which among others set out the rules of stabilization of employment. Furthermore, negotiations are held every year with management boards of each company regarding an increase in remuneration. Social stakeholders actively cooperate with employers also in amendments to internal labor regulations.

Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka" has appointed a Committee on Amendments to the Internal Collective Bargaining Agreement, through which it conducts the process of the employer’s continuous negotiations with trade unions. In other companies, task forces are appointed when the bargaining agreements need amending.

ENEA Group employees influence its operation and operation of their companies also by electing their representatives to supervisory boards (of most of the Group companies[1]) and through the possibility of electing Employee representatives to employee councils (currently in ENEA Połaniec Power Plant). In 2019, elections of Employee representatives to the ENEA S.A. Supervisory Board were held. All the Employees of the ENEA Group had the right to vote.

[1] In ENEA S.A. and ENEA Wytwarzanie this right is derived directly from the act on commercialization and certain employee rights.

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