05 Employment in the ENEA Group

Our staff

In 2019, we employed 17,291 people under employment contracts, of which:
3 051 women and 14 240 men.

Employment structure

17 292[1][2]

Total number of staff employed under employment contracts

[1] Total number of persons employed under employment contracts in the ENEA Group companies as at 31 December 2019, including employees with temporary suspension of employment, i.e. on parental leaves, unpaid leaves above 30 days and those receiving rehabilitation benefits.

[2] One of the employees was double-counted in this statement, due to being on an unpaid leave in one ENEA Group company and employed by another one.

Employees by gender and working time

3 027

full-time employees – women

14 216

full-time employees – men


part-time employees – women


part-time employees – men

Employees by gender and type of contract

2 729

Employees by gender and type of contract

12 115

persons employed under employment contracts for an indefinite term – men


including other contract types (probationary period, fixed term, traineeship and replacement contracts) – women

2 126

including other contract types (probationary period, fixed term, traineeship and replacement contracts) – men

Staff hired in 2019

New staff employment ratio[3]
Total number of new employees hired in 2019 under employment contracts[4] 2 016 12%
women 328 11%
men 1 688 12%
employees under 30 872
employees aged 30-50 922
employees over 50 222

[3] The ratio of new employees to all employees.

[4] Number of new employees hired by ENEA Group companies through external as well as internal recruitment.

Staff hired in 2019

Employee turnover[5]
Total number of employees working under employment contracts who left in 2019[6] 1 254 7%
women 226 7%
men 1 028 7%
employees under 30 353
employees aged 30-50 422
employees over 50 479

[5] The ratio of the number of employees that left to all employees.

[6] The number of employees who left during the year refers to the termination of employment contracts between the ENEA Group companies and their employees.

Gender diversity of employees

[7] This additionally includes individuals employed under contracts other than employment contracts, e.g. under so-called management contracts.

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