05 Employment in the ENEA Group

Competence development

We have been taking a number of actions to enable our employees to develop and our company to improve its competitive position. We provide our staff with a wide range of training and courses, participation and conferences, as well as co-financing of higher education, but first and foremost with the opportunity to pursue interesting professional challenges.

We create development and promotion opportunities to all employees regardless of their position and in accordance with the Procedure for Implementing Human Capital Development Activities in the ENEA Group.

In 2019, the Group companies held various training, both traditional and in the form of e-learning. These allowed the employees to develop their technical, financial and legal knowledge, and to improve managerial skills, including soft skills.

Training in key companies and in companies with the largest headcounts in the ENEA Group in 2019

Average number of training hours per employee by gender
women men
ENEA S.A. 18 13
ENEA Centrum 13 17
ENEA Wytwarzanie 19 12
ENEA Ciepło 3 13
ENEA Operator 14 8
ENEA Elektrownia Połaniec 30 33
ENEA Serwis 7 8
ENEA Trading 35 31
Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” 10 16

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