06 Customer relations

Responsibility for products and services

We apply the Best Practices of Electricity and Gaseous Fuel Suppliers, due to which our customers have the guarantee of fair treatment and respecting their rights. We carefully comply with the terms and conditions of agreements signed with them. We analyze in detail complaints and other reports of recipients of our services and based in the analysis, we modify processes and educate employees.

Enea Ciepło was awarded PreQurs certificate, class A described as “NE” (/NO EMISSION) as well as the NO SMOG quality sign. This confirms that our installations produce heat in a more environmentally friendly manner than coal-fired home boiler systems.


confirmed cases of non-compliance with regulations on information and marking of products and services in 2019

Power supply continuity

Reliability of electricity and heat supply to customers is one of the priorities of our activity. To ensure it:

  • we introduce state-of-the-art technical standards,
  • we operate strictly in accordance with procedures,
  • we maintain the required state of the infrastructure,
  • we perform preventive diagnostic measurements,
  • we invest in the development of production assets,
  • we modernize and automate the electrical grid,
  • we continue to improve all the time the qualifications of our team,
  • we appropriately plan shutdowns during modernization works,
  • we analyze the causes of breakdowns.

PLN 998.9 k was earmarked by us in 2019 for investments in the area of energy efficiency and energy security

If a failure occurs, we make all efforts to limit their effects and restore power supply to customers as soon as possible. This is possible, among others, due to:

  • use of supply power from a separate electric power grid using power generators,
  • reorganization of Power Rescue teams and supplying them with equipment,
  • cooperation with other distribution and transmission system operators.

The direction and scope of our activities to ensure grid operation reliability are defined in the Reliability Improvement, performed by ENEA Operator.

Positive effects of the consistently performed broadly planned measures in the area of investments, operation and work organization can be seen in the constant improvement of indicators of scheduled and unscheduled interruptions in electricity supply for high and medium voltages.

Indicators of the reliability of electricity supply20152019
SAIDI – average duration of power supply interruptions 434 min. 115 min.
SAIFI – frequency of power supply interruptions5,52,79

Within the measures improving reliability of grid operation, especially MV grid, which has the greatest influence on the indicators of duration and frequency of interruptions in energy supply, the following program and supporting activities are, among others, performed:

  • implementation of the MV Grid Development Concept, which takes into account development of automated solutions within the grid,
  • cables of MV grids passing through forest areas,
  • elimination of short-circuit hazards in the MV grid in order to increase the cross-section of the MV line where it leaves the main supply points, which will consequently increase reliability of power supply to consumers,
  • implementation of the FDIR (Fault Detection, Isolation & Restoration) function in selected MV line sections,
  • liquidation of the 6 kV grid in the Poznań urban area,
  • ENEA Operator’s activities in respect to measurements and diagnostics of medium voltage cable lines,
  • works aiming to take systemic measures related to the removal of trees and bushes within the zones under power lines.
  1. Procedure for planning and requesting work on the HV, MV and LV network for investing and operating purposes and for operational management of the network in ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.,
  2. Procedure for live-line working with power installations in ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.,
  3. Procedure for live-line working on 15 and 20 KV overhead grids in ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.,
  4. Procedure for recording work performed in the live-line working technology and calculating electricity supplied to users during live-line working in ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.,
  5. Procedure of exchanging information and reporting events in the electric power grid by the ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.’s maintenance services and cooperation with crisis management teams in case of extensive failures,
  6. Procedure for managing the removal of trees and bushes within the zones under ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.’s power lines,
  7. Catalog of standard operating activities for HV, MV and LV grids in ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.,
  8. Procedure for eliminating collisions,
  9. detailed regulations on correct operation of power installations,
  10. Standards for the application of measurement and diagnostic equipment for medium voltage cable lines as well as measurement and diagnostics of high and medium voltage cable lines,
  11. Standards for technical solutions used for building power lines and power installations.

Service quality

High service quality for our customers is guaranteed by detailed internal regulations. These include: Standards of Customer Service in Customer Service Offices, Standard of Telephone Service in the Distribution Contact Center, Book of Complaint Process and Key Quality Guidelines for employees of Post-sale Service Divisions. The direction of further standard raising in the above regard are defined by the Strategy of the Customer Service Area for 2020-2024, performed by ENEA Centrum.

In 2019, among others:

  • we launched a modernized eBOK application which is adjusted better to mobile devices, more intuitive and allows for two-directional communication,
  • we updated quality guidelines for Post-sales Service Divisions and rules for written correspondence with customers, due to which they receive more understandable and comprehensive replies,
  • we introduced clearer templates of email replies,
  • we simplified the language and templates used in chats,
  • we reduced the number of options to choose from while being put through to the information line, which shortens the time of being connected with a consultant,
  • we streamlined the service in the Customer Service Offices due to the implementation of a digital pen (IC PEN),
  • we marked the CSOs to show service priority for disabled people and pregnant women.

Customer data security

We respect our customers’ privacy and care for the security of stored data. We are guided here by the prevailing laws and internal procedures.

We introduce advanced IT solutions making it possible to respond to incidents in the area of cybersecurity more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, pursuant to the GDPR requirements, Data Protection Officers were appointed in our companies. They monitor compliance with personal data protection regulations and are contact persons for any matters in that area, also for customers.

Implemented internal regulations:

  • Personal Data Protection Policy in the ENEA Group,
  • ICT Security Principles in the ENEA Group,
  • Personal Data Processing Principles in the ENEA Group,
  • Personal Data Processing Risk Methodology in the ENEA Group.


material complaints about violating customers’ privacy and loss of their data in 2019

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