07 Environment impact

Environmentally-friendly Investments

In 2019, we conducted numerous activities aimed at reducing our negative impact on the environment. They included large capital expenditures as well as small changes in daily operations in individual companies.

Investments related to environment protection

ItemActuals 2019 [PLN million]
Adjustment to BAT conclusions (Połaniec)115
SCR development for units 9 and 10 (Kozienice)60
Adjustment to BAT conclusions (Kozienice)31
Modernization of electrostatic precipitator K8 (Białystok)12
Connection of wind farms (ENEA Operator)6

PLN 238 million of capital expenditures for environmental protection in 2019

ENEA Wytwarzanie executed a number of investment projects that limited the environmental impact of the Kozienice Power Plant. The key projects included the modernization of electrostatic precipitators of 200 MW units no. 2 and no. 7, which reduced particle emissions into air.

ENEA Ciepło performed a conversion of the coal-fired boiler in the “Zachód” Heat Plant, which can now be fired with natural gas. As a result, the SO2 emission was reduced by approx. 97%, CO by about 99%, CO2 by approx. 39%, while particle emission by 96% as compared to the previous coal-based production.

PEC connected the heating network of the K-1 boiler house with the heating network of the K-4 boiler house. As a result of this capital expenditure project, emissions to air were reduced, however the scale of this reduction will be known after the full heating seasons, i.e. in May 2020.

ENEA Oświetlenie cooperated with local government units to modernize the lighting infrastructure in selected towns and townships. The activities included replacement of old, worn out fittings with new, energy-efficient fittings with better lighting performance. They resulted in a reduction of electricity consumption in Rawicz by 62.59%, in Kęsowo by 54.75% and in Siedlisko by 52%.

ENEA Pomiary modernized the Main Switching Station in its headquarters, which allowed it to reduce electricity losses when idling; additionally it replaced an oil transformer with a maintenance-free dry resin transformer, thus eliminating the risk of polluting the environment with oil.

ENEA Serwis replaced the lighting in its headquarters with lighting based on light-emitting diodes. LED lighting is energy-efficient and the expected life is longer than that of traditional fluorescent lamps. Also, LED lamps do contain no mercury and can be placed in housings that facilitate disassembly and recycling. In 2019, the company covered 10% of the demand for electricity in its headquarters from its own photovoltaic micro-installation with the total capacity of 35.840 kW, commissioned in October 2018.

ENEA Elektrownia Połaniec increased its energy efficiency thanks to the completion of the thermal modernization of office building F-12 and replacement of transformers.

ENEA Centrum completed the modernization process of all the ENEA Customer Service Offices, which are now equipped with energy-efficient lighting and baskets for selective waste collection.

ENEA Operator purchased 36 electric cars.

Development of RES energy generation

One of the strategic directions of changes in the operation of the ENEA Group is a continuous growth of energy from renewable sources, i.e. in hydro power plants, wind farms and biogas plants as well as through firing and co-firing biomass. In 2019, we produced such an amount of the above energy that is greater by 253 GWh compared to the previous year.

Production of energy from RES in the ENEA Group in 2019 [GWh] 20182019Change
Total production from renewable energy sources, including:2 0252 27912.5%
ENEA Wytwarzanie – RES Segment: hydro power plants159130-18.2%
ENEA Wytwarzanie – RES Segment: wind farms13018542.3%
ENEA Wytwarzanie – RES Segment: biogas plants65-16.7%
ENEA Ciepło: biomass firing17220418.6%
ENEA Połaniec Power Plant: biomass co-firing18031474.4%
ENEA Połaniec Power Plant: biomass firing1 3781 4414.6%

12.5% growth of production of energy from RES compared to 2018

Planned growth of the share of RES in the installed electric capacity of the ENEA Group

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