06 Customer relations

Communication and satisfaction surveys

Customers may contact us, among others, via:

We continue to modernize the technical facilities for our hotline and adjust it to our customers’ expectations and changes to the business environment.

In 2019, we modernized the eBOK and started self-service sites for customers who want to contact us after the working hours of our consultants.

To constantly improve the quality of provided services, we carry out customer satisfaction surveys on our offering and cooperation.

Customers selected at random after completing the service through the information line or at a Customer Service Office receive a telephone call with an automatic satisfaction questionnaire. The surveys are carried out continuously and their results are aggregated on a monthly basis. The aim of the survey is to obtain information on customers’ satisfaction level with regard to how their matter was handled and on the consultant’s involvement. Satisfaction index is the number of persons satisfied from the service compared to all the customers who filled out all the survey correctly. In 2019, we extended the scope of the survey by adding the process of agreement execution.


Customer satisfaction with our offer and cooperation

In late September and early October 2019, Kantar Polska, a research agency, conducted a satisfaction survey for our individual and business customers in view of competitors’ customers (TAURON, Energa, PGE). The survey had the form of telephone interviews (quantitative module) and meetings in focus groups and individual meetings (qualitative module). Customer satisfaction index (CSI) regarding cooperation with us was 81.06, which means an increase by 19.5% compared to the survey results from the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

Educating and supporting customers

In 2019, we continued cooperation with the Energy Trading Association on an educational campaign warning against unfair sellers of electricity and gas. Customers who feel cheated by other companies may take advantage of our special product offering.

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