04 Organizational culture

ENEA Group’s values

We have been building our organizational culture on shared values, account being taken of stakeholders’ expectations. It is based on compliance with the law and internal regulations, mutual trust, respect for beliefs and diversity of our employees, equal treatment and preventing any malpractice.

Our everyday work values


  • conduct in line with ethical rules, the law and internal procedures,
  • mutual respect and openness in expressing views and opinions,


  • acting in compliance with our declarations with respect to quality, timeliness and reliability of services,
  • performing employee obligations and performing the obligations set forth in social contracts,


  • sharing knowledge and continuous upskilling,
  • enabling employees to gain new experience,


  • taking preventive and corrective actions in order to ensure a safe working environment, protection of the natural environment and protection of sensitive data, personal data and protected information.

The ENEA Group has in place the Code of Ethics which defines the model conduct for all employees and introduces standards for relations with customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities and associates. Supervision over the implementation of its provisions is exercised by the HR Department of ENEA S.A. Any identified cases of potential breach of the Code are objectively investigated by the Ethics Committee, which also deals with resolving any ethical doubts raised by the employees.

Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” S.A. has an internal Code of Ethics for GK LW “Bogdanka” S.A. which is consistent with the principles adopted for the entire Group. The unit in charge of monitoring of its regulations is the Ethics Officer, who is also responsible for ethical education of employees, and the CSR Inspector.

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